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About Bob Goss

A Brief Resume of Bob Goss

Bob is a graduate of Baltimore City College where he majored in antics and making people laugh. This led to an invitation to join an entertainment troupe called "Rohde's Revue" which he wound up headlining for over three years. After graduating he moved to New York and worked in the publicity department of Warner Bros. Pictures.

After five years in New York Bob moved back to Baltimore and worked at Elsmo Public Relations developing creative PR campaigns for a wide assortment of clients while, at the same time, producing stunt-flying air shows throughout airports in Maryland.

This led to an on-camera acting stint with Maryland Public Television where he played a different comedy character every week for a nationally syndicated show called "Consumer Survival" which ran a little over a year.

During that time he was developing his own comedy act for clubs and colleges. One day Bob got a call from Carnival Cruise Line to come on board and replace a comedian who was going on vacation for six weeks. The six weeks turned into a fourteen year career and he soon became one of the company's leading cruise directors. While sailing the Carribean he developed programs to entertain and motivate passengers.

He decided to leave the ships and was offered the opportunity to headline major revue shows for Greg Thompson Productions which lasted three years. Once the show closed he decided to create, produce and headline his own musical show called "The Silver Sizzles Revue" which toured casinos, dinner theatres and theatres coast to coast for over 15 years.

He has written two screenplays, a children's Christmas fairy tale and several television show treatments. None has sold yet!

Bob's Einstein is going to motivate, stimulate and entertain.

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