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A   Humorous Motivational  Speaker

So your organization is planning an upcoming convention or meeting with a room full of attendees. They need motivation. They could use a positive attitude. They could use a few good laughs.


Bob Goss will bring Professor Albert Einstein to your meeting or convention. The Professor's wit, passion and hilarious observations of life, work, success and creativity will get your attendees thinking and laughing at the same time.

Invite Professor Einstein to deliver an unforgettable presentation that will motivate the spirit, fire up the brain cells and tickle the funny bone. Is Einstein Motivational Funny or What?

Be sure to check out the Photo Gallery to see Professor Albert Einstein in action and read the Letters of Recommendation from top establishments and his greatest fans!

Watch this funny motivational speaker Einstein in action.

Motivational Speaker

Do you want Motivational Speakers that will tickle your funny bone, motivate your team and get the message across all at the same time? Bob Goss Productions brings you Corporate Speakers in a halarious way with his Albert Einstein Motivaional Speaker presentation for your next corporate convention or meeting. Get ready for his 7 "scientifically" proven formulas for Success and Happiness. Watch a few excerpts of Einstein in action in the video to the left.

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